Monthly Archives: May 2009

Wordle and Mother’s Day


A couple of 4th grade classes are using Wordle to create a special piece for Mother’s Day.  I Wordle: momlove Wordle  to create word art.  you get something very unique each time you use it.  It’s a little application that could be used for a lot of classroom ideas.  After one of the teachers showed it to her class, the next day a student told her that she’d used it to practice her spelling words – another good idea!  Check out Wordle and see what you think.


1st grade Weather


1st graders do the FOSS Air and Weather unit for science at the end of the year so again I’m trying to make their tech clouds1classes tie into what their classroom work is.  So we did an interesting project about clouds.  First of all I found a web site that has some wonderful cloud photography, Cool Clouds.  Clearly stated on each page is the statement that Fair use of photos for educational purposes is OK.  So…1st graders got a mini lesson on proper use of pictures from the internet – you only use things with permission.  Each of the kids found 2 pictures of clouds that they liked.  They could be cloud pictures that looked like something else or a picture they thought was pretty.  They dragged the pictures to their computer desktop.  They used Comic Life and dragged the pictures onto a blank page.  They added captions and a title.  I was really pleased with how well they did.  This is my sample but the first graders are doing just as well  – except for the spelling. 🙂