What We’re Doing in Kindergarten in January


I add a blurb each month to the school newsletter about what I’m doing K-5 in technology with the kids.  So thought I would start sharing here too.  Maybe it will spark some ideas for your own classrooms.   I’ll take a couple of days to share what I’m doing at each grade.  I try my best to make the kids proficient users of the technology we have by incorporating it into projects that tie into the grade level curriculum.

Kindergarten – We’re still navigating around web sites, learning how to click in the right places, and learning how to get back to where we started.  I especially enjoy one little gigglebox in one of my classes who is so full of joy to hear her name called to go to her computer that she literally dances to her spot giggling and singing,  “That’s my name!  That’s my name!”  She makes my day every time.  If you’d like to see the sites we use visit my school’s web site where I am continually adding new things.  The Kindergarten page is HERE. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the links I have.


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