Shapes, Shapes and More Shapes


What We’re Doing in 2nd Grade Technology

I’m just starting a new project with 2nd grade.  It’s the time of year that they are doing geometry in math so I’m doing a project to tie into that.  We have Smartboards in all our classrooms so are able to use Notebook software on all the computers. Notebook has great shape tools and we’re going to use the shape tool and fill options to create shape pictures.  The kids will create multiple pictures created with just one kind of shape for each picture.  When they are done with their pictures we’ll be using one of my favorite options on the Mac – to take a screen shot.  They’ll be moving the shape pictures into my favorite program to use with kids – Comic Life and be adding text to tell about their pictures and to tell about the shape used in each picture.  This project’s multiple pages will be turned into a slide show for each student to be shared on our web site or on the district podcast server.  2nd grade teachers are liking this project and we’re all hoping that it will help these little ones remember more of the geometry terms that they need to learn…and it incorporates art into math which works well for our magnet school theme of Arts and Science.


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  1. Great lesson, we are working with shapes in second grade right now, too. Today I read my class the book “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” by Mo Willems. Mo is a Caldecott award winner for this book. The pictures look very simple and we talk about what shapes were used to draw the pigeon and the bus. Then students go to their computers and draw their own pigeon and bus in Tux Paint. The pigeons turn out so great (and looking very much like the original) and students are proud that they could be a caldecott winner. A fun tie in of math, computer, art, and reading!

  2. This sounds like a fabulous idea! I’d love to be able to see what the final product looks like. Does your school post student work online?

    I’m curious why you screenshot instead of exporting as an image file? Is it to teach the screen shot skills, or something else?

    Glad to have learned about your blog through the blogging alliance! Looking forward to exploring it more.

    • Yes, I put work online and will probably be putting these up as podcasts when they’re done but we’ve got a ways to go yet! I do screen shots when there’s not an option for exporting as an image or I want just a portion of the screen. Shift-command-4 on a Mac allows you to take whatever portion you want.

  3. —Techieclassrom, I agree with Ann RE: online publishing, I’m looking forward to seeing the finished designs, and wondering how well it will work for you or what troubles you might run into. I know my own kids are EXCITED when I scan their art in and share with my family and friends…..I can only imagine what would happen posting classroom projects on a website for all the parents (or whoever is reading) to see!

    —-Kelly, Mo’s Pigeon books are a household favorite, and we LOVE them….how great to tie them in for your students.

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