Monday with Kindergarten


I work with Kindergarten only 25 minutes at a time.  I realized today that even though I see them in these very infrequent short bursts, they’re making some good progress.  We’ve been working at drawing in Tuxpaint. If you are unfamiliar with this free program you can read about it at this post.

I’ve wanted to get them working with using the paint bucket to fill with color.  At the last class we just made scribble pictures – remember doing this with crayons when you were little – and then used the paint bucket to fill each section with color.  They had to watch for leaks and “undo” if it did leak and fill the entire background.  They ended up doing pretty well with that and we had quite a few pretty little designs.  Today we took it a step further and created outline drawings that actually looked like something and filled those in.  Of course I got the usual compliments when I was demonstrating.  Kindergarteners do wonders for your ego!  When they got started there were some really great results! Lots of budding artists! (with good mouse control!).


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  1. I love using Tux Paint with younger students, you are right, they are a major boost to the artistic ego 🙂 I do a project every year with students where I read the story “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus” by Mo Willems and we talk about how it won a caldecott award. Then we talk about the shapes that it takes to make up the pigeon and what colors Mo used in the book. Then students draw their own pigeon using Tux Paint. It is amazing how similar the finished project looks to Mo Willems illustrations. The students love that they can create Caldecott level illustrations!

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