Thinkquest – (Facebook for elementary??)


Thinkquest is used by the 4th graders at my school.  I got the teachers into this last school year by registering our school and showing those teachers the site.  One of the 4th grade teachers calls it Facebook for kids. When you realize how many kids that are too young have Facebook accounts you’ll appreciate how Thinkquest acts as a safe substitute.  We have kept our account closed to all but the enrolled classes at school so Thinkquest allows a safe environment for kids to create their own blog, respond to teacher questions, do teacher assignments, create book lists and message their classmates.  The teachers have had to set guidelines on Netiquette and it’s been a great start on how to participate in a social network correctly and responsibly.  Thinkquest requires registration by a school, permission from parents, and regular monitoring of student submissions.  Access can even be shut off during times when teachers won’t be able to monitor regularly.  The kids are excited and motivated to be on their Thinkquest pages both at school and at home and they’re learning how to be responsible online.


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  1. I have been using for years (back when it was still called!). Every year my students look forward to getting their accounts. Students must pass my Internet safety quiz to get their “Internet Drivers License” that includes their password for the year. This is an excellent way for students to learn about social networking in a closed, safe system.

    • What a great idea? Is there any chance that you could email or post the Internet Safety quiz that you give to your students? I’d love to use it as a starting off point before I go and make one of my own. If nothing else, thanks for the idea!

  2. I’ve been using Thinkquest (TQ) since 2005. I find it very useful in my classroom teaching. My students have created many projects on this portal. Many new talents have come up through TQ. Through this portal I discovered that I have some wonderful poets, and bloggers. Teamwork has increased in my classroom and my students have learnt to collaborate across the globe. They are becoming better world citizens.

    Learning has actually become fun through TQ.

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