Professor Melonhead-the music will drive you crazy!


Professor Melonhead has the most annoying music but you can turn it off by clicking on the speaker on each page.  Regardless of the music it has a lot of activities that would be perfect for using on the Smartboard, very visual and easy to do with the tap or the drag needed.  The site could certainly be used on individual computers as well.  It has a wide variety of activities from one that shows how a letter is written while it says the letter name to a puzzle map of the U.S. that also shows the state capitals when the piece is placed correctly.  So give it a try and see what you think but don’t forget to turn off the music!


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  1. Boy, you weren’t kidding…that is WAY annoying. The kids will love it! I always cringe at all the noises on GameGoo but the kids ask for headphones so that they can hear all the gooies. I have a feeling that this site will be no exception. Cute activities for the primary classroom here, thanks!

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