Math MovesU


Math MovesU seems to be a great site for 5th, 6th and maybe a bit beyond. You can register on the site to be able to keep track of points earned but unlike other sites registration isn’t necessary to be able to visit this site.   It looks to be a site that could be used with the whole class on an interactive board and woud keep attention but could also be used on individual computers. Once you choose a character and enter there are games, facts, quizzes, polls that you can try. I really want to explore this site more when I have time because I visited and tried only a couple of different places.  It looks good to me!


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  1. I have had this one bookmarked for a little while and keep meaning to go back and play with it for a little while to see what all it does. Thanks for the reminder and push, I will go look at it again. The interface seems to be very graphically pleasing for kids.

  2. Thanks for posting about these math sites! I am always on the look out for things related to Math (I consider that one of my weaker areas, so I am constantly looking for ways to improve)

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