Using BeFunky with 5th Graders


My 4 5th grade classes had a ball with the photo efects available for free on BeFunky.  We spent one class session doing crazy things with pictures! First they took one regular picture of themselves using Photo Booth.  They uploaded the picture to BeFunky, played around with the effects, and then saved it back to a folder I’d set up on the server. The next class session I wanted them to learn about using the Publishing layout view in word, not terribly exciting of course but with the opportunity to add the pictures they’d created they loved it and practiced using text boxes, inserting pictures and using Word Art to create a page layout. So….what do you think of my new portrait?


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  1. Very nice! My student have so much fun with Be Funky, I have noticed that the way they decorate their picture gives a lot of insight into the student. I learn a lot about my students from their Be Funky creations.

  2. Love it! Did you do that yourself or did your students help out? 🙂

    I haven’t used Befunky with my students yet but I think it’s on the list for next term.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. You look Mah-velous!
    I am adding Be Funky to my bag of tricks! We are having a great time with green screened backdrops in Photo Booth. This also looks like it could come in handy… and be motivating! 🙂

  4. I love the effects in Photo Booth. We put ours into Pages, and give to another student to find adjectives to describe the picture, and brought in the thesaurus feature in Pages as well as the edit > proofread feature that gives suggestions sometimes. The students love it for sure!!! Your picture is fabulous!

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