National Geographic Young Explorer


I’ve liked the National Geographic for Kids web site for a long time and when I was in the classroom always showed my 2nd graders what could be found there.  But until recently I didn’t realize that they had their Young Explorer magazine online.  I recently spent a class period with each of my six 1st grade classes to show them how to use this resource. They were enthralled  and mesmerized for a number of reasons.  It’s real.  It has wonderful pictures. You can turn the pages and it reads the text aloud if you click.  They spent 30 minutes – no one talking going through the pages of  issues.  Some kids listened to it all and some read it themselves.  It’s a perfect place to introduce young kids to non fiction and a perfect resource that works with the wide range of reading levels you find in a typical 1st grade classroom. It’s also now a permanent link on the list of read aloud sites on my school web site.


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  1. What a great non-fiction resource! I am passing it along to the our reading specialists. Also, it will make a great resource for our learning center that is often looking for non-fiction materials written at an easy level. Thanks.

  2. My students had the same reaction to the digital version of Young Explorer. They were just mesmerized by it! This is such a good way to get students reading non-fiction texts and reading for information. My students get quickly hooked!

  3. This is a great website and resource, along with the Kids National Geographic site. In my classroom, one groups of students is allowed to use the internet during quiet reading time each day. I have a list of websites that they can access, mainly with interactive stories and literacy activities. I will definitely be adding Young Explorers to the list.

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