Zimmer Twins for 5th Grade


I’ve been trying to do some end of year things with 5th graders that would be good or creative alternatives to what they may normally do on the computer or during their free time. I think this is especially important now that the year is drawing to a close.  A week or so ago they loved using BeFunky for all its photo effects so now here’s another site that they seem to enjoy.  In fact the lab has been so quiet for the two classes I used it with that you could have heard the proverbial pin drop. Knowing what a class of 5th graders during the last 50 minutes of the day is usually like it was actually quite relaxing!  Zimmer Twins is a web site that allows you to create cartoon “movies”. The site can be used without registration but movies can’t be saved.  Registration would be perfect for kids at home however,  allowing them to save their projects.  They also state on the site that they monitor daily for appropriate content.  Today I dug a bit deeper in and found a short teacher section. They give ideas for teacher use including suggesting that the teacher can register with their email address and then allow all the kids to use the nickname and password.  I’ll probably do this next year now that we have a district policy for kids putting work up on non-district sites.  Check out Zimmer Twins .  It’s an interesting and enjoyable site for all ages.


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  1. My students LOVE Zimmer Twins. They ask to use it whenever they have a free minute on the computers. For our end of the year project, I had the kids create a “how to survive _ grade” videos. They are so creative, some are funny and other serious but all are fantastic. Now they are creating websites about how to survive their grade using Weebly. It has been a fun project.

  2. This is on my list of sites to try out with my students. I love the idea of using it for a “how to survive___” guide. I had looked at the site but didn’t see the teacher section so I’ll go back and check that out.

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