Monthly Archives: May 2010



I’ve had to temporarily move out of the lab for my classes using one of our mobile laptop labs for my classes. We have online testing going on that just doesn’t work well on a lap top.  Well, I found out that what I wanted to do with 5th graders – introducing them to Google SketchUp did not work well on the laptops. Even though they are less than 2 years old they were extremely sluggish and slow to work with.  Thank goodness my other grade level plans were just fine!  My back up which was an art activity also wouldn’t work because they really needed a mouse for details.  So….plan 3!  I found a site called Launchball which they will think of as a game but will be asking them to think about physics, electrical circuits, and movement to get balls to a goal.  This is a site from a Science Museum in the UK and has 30 levels to work through as well as the opportunity to create your own. I’ve got my fingers crossed that all will work the way I have planned!