Wow, a whole school year over and changes, changes!


I have to apologize for a lengthy absence from posting to this blog but this past school year was rather hectic and I really didn’t do a lot of new things.  Major changes coming for me!  Funding is gone for my tech specialist position and I’ll be going back to the classroom, a 1st grade class.  As much as I loved the flexibility in my job of the last 3 years – I had the time for a complete redesign of our school web site this year – I am really looking forward to being able to do things with my own class.  Meeting with kids once every 8 days just wasn’t enough time to do what I would have liked to.  My only concern is that the other classroom teachers be able to give their kids the tools I gave them as a specialist. I guess I get to lead by example. 🙂

Now that my job has changed this blog will take a new turn and address specific things I do with my own class or sites that I find that work well in the classroom.  Instead of the broader perspective I hope to have ideas and information that is very usable for a primary teacher. I’ll be teaching a lot differently than I did 3 years ago!

Please check out my school’s web site.  I have MANY links for both teachers and students and I’ll be adding to it this summer and throughout the next school year.


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