I’m retired!


I haven’t visited my blog for a long time, more than a year I think.  Going back to the classroom after 3 years as the Tech teacher was very difficult and in my second year back  I decided I just couldn’t do it anymore.  Opening 39 school years was more than enough and I was no longer in my dream job so I officially retired on Nov. 2, 2012.

Life is good but I do miss doing technology with kids.  I was going to remove this blog but come to find that it has had more views with me not doing anything with it than it ever had before.  so maybe I’ll have a bit of fun keeping it up now that I actually have time!

So here’s wishes  for a good year for all and perhaps a new beginning for this blog!


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  1. Enjoy the change of pace! I retired 6 months ago and am now finding my techie skills very useful to upskill many seniors, some much younger than me but without smart phone skills and many basic computer skills. Take your time to find a new niche, may be volunteering through your local library or any other local group that could use your skills. I too have neglected my blog but am ready to update now 6 months later. Good luck!

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