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Math MovesU


Math MovesU seems to be a great site for 5th, 6th and maybe a bit beyond. You can register on the site to be able to keep track of points earned but unlike other sites registration isn’t necessary to be able to visit this site.   It looks to be a site that could be used with the whole class on an interactive board and woud keep attention but could also be used on individual computers. Once you choose a character and enter there are games, facts, quizzes, polls that you can try. I really want to explore this site more when I have time because I visited and tried only a couple of different places.  It looks good to me!


You could get lost here for days!!!


You really could get lost on this site for days!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen more links on one page ever.  The picture to the left is just a small portion from the top of their page. Most are for resources that woud be good for use on an interactive board. They’ve got Smart downloads, math links, science, social studies, language arts, music and most are links to other sites with multiple links. Start at this page for a resource and use it for getting you to another resource that will fit your subject.  Just remember to leave a trail of bread crumbs or we may not see you for a while.

Math Interactives


Math Interactives is another good resource for teachers of upper elementary when planning a math unit.  It’s a site that has an interactive activity, a video, and printables for each topic listed.  Though most of the content is more suited for upper elementary I’m sure that even teachers of younger kids might be able to find a few things that could fit the level of their students.  I did find I had to read the directions for some of the activities because jumping right in the way I usually do caused me some confusion in a few of them!

Math Wire


Math Wire is an online resource that I used when I was in a 2nd grade classroom 2 years ago and I still recommend it to teachers.  It’s a one stop shop when planning a new math unit. You’ll find links to online activities, game files to print, and many activities that integrate math into other subjects.  They change out the main page each month and also focus on special days and events that happen during that month.  What I like best is that it is also organized according to National Math Standards, making it easy to find something for your current focus.

Math Live


Math Live is a web site that 3rd-6th grade teachers should look at whenever they are starting a new unit.  It’s packed with great TV like episodes in a cartoon format introducing many different math concepts. What’s great is that it introduces math concepts to show how math applies in everyday life.  Give it a look and see what you think!