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National Geographic Young Explorer


I’ve liked the National Geographic for Kids web site for a long time and when I was in the classroom always showed my 2nd graders what could be found there.  But until recently I didn’t realize that they had their Young Explorer magazine online.  I recently spent a class period with each of my six 1st grade classes to show them how to use this resource. They were enthralled  and mesmerized for a number of reasons.  It’s real.  It has wonderful pictures. You can turn the pages and it reads the text aloud if you click.  They spent 30 minutes – no one talking going through the pages of  issues.  Some kids listened to it all and some read it themselves.  It’s a perfect place to introduce young kids to non fiction and a perfect resource that works with the wide range of reading levels you find in a typical 1st grade classroom. It’s also now a permanent link on the list of read aloud sites on my school web site.


You could get lost here for days!!!


You really could get lost on this site for days!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen more links on one page ever.  The picture to the left is just a small portion from the top of their page. Most are for resources that woud be good for use on an interactive board. They’ve got Smart downloads, math links, science, social studies, language arts, music and most are links to other sites with multiple links. Start at this page for a resource and use it for getting you to another resource that will fit your subject.  Just remember to leave a trail of bread crumbs or we may not see you for a while.

2nd Grade Social Studies


Our 2nd grade Social Studies curriculum focuses on community. They also do work with maps and map keys.  When I found this resource I thought it was perfect for a 2nd grade lesson.  I used the Map Maker resource from a web site that is full of resources that are great for using on an Interactive Whiteboard but can also be used on individual computers. My 2nd grade classes created a map, took a screen shot of the map and then used their screen shot in Comic Life.  since their community focus in Social Studies stresses that community is where people live, work, play and solve problems that was the focus of what they then wrote about using text boxes in Comic Life. Here’s my sample project but the kids did a fantastic job on theirs.