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I’m retired!


I haven’t visited my blog for a long time, more than a year I think.  Going back to the classroom after 3 years as the Tech teacher was very difficult and in my second year back  I decided I just couldn’t do it anymore.  Opening 39 school years was more than enough and I was no longer in my dream job so I officially retired on Nov. 2, 2012.

Life is good but I do miss doing technology with kids.  I was going to remove this blog but come to find that it has had more views with me not doing anything with it than it ever had before.  so maybe I’ll have a bit of fun keeping it up now that I actually have time!

So here’s wishes  for a good year for all and perhaps a new beginning for this blog!


Wow, a whole school year over and changes, changes!


I have to apologize for a lengthy absence from posting to this blog but this past school year was rather hectic and I really didn’t do a lot of new things.  Major changes coming for me!  Funding is gone for my tech specialist position and I’ll be going back to the classroom, a 1st grade class.  As much as I loved the flexibility in my job of the last 3 years – I had the time for a complete redesign of our school web site this year – I am really looking forward to being able to do things with my own class.  Meeting with kids once every 8 days just wasn’t enough time to do what I would have liked to.  My only concern is that the other classroom teachers be able to give their kids the tools I gave them as a specialist. I guess I get to lead by example. 🙂

Now that my job has changed this blog will take a new turn and address specific things I do with my own class or sites that I find that work well in the classroom.  Instead of the broader perspective I hope to have ideas and information that is very usable for a primary teacher. I’ll be teaching a lot differently than I did 3 years ago!

Please check out my school’s web site.  I have MANY links for both teachers and students and I’ll be adding to it this summer and throughout the next school year.

First Post for a New School Year


I took a break from this blog over the summer but it’s back to work. I still have my job as tech specialist in my building for another year so time to start sharing again. I’ll try to keep the blog updated with what I’m doing with my K – 5th graders as well as sharing resources I find that work well in the classroom.  I send so many emails to my staff during the year that they must get sick of me!

If you are interested in seeing my school web site try this link.  I have lots of web links for teachers and students there and organized pretty well I think.  Have a good year everyone!

PBS Kids video clips


You already know what a resource PBS is but if you haven’t checked out these video clips you’re in for a treat.  What makes these short clips special is that they all feature kids talking and sharing about the topic and they’re short enough to keep the attention of the youngest students.  We are fortunate to subscribe to Safari Montage for on demand educational video but even with that sometimes you need something short and sweet and these certainly fit the bill.

What We’re Doing in Kindergarten in January


I add a blurb each month to the school newsletter about what I’m doing K-5 in technology with the kids.  So thought I would start sharing here too.  Maybe it will spark some ideas for your own classrooms.   I’ll take a couple of days to share what I’m doing at each grade.  I try my best to make the kids proficient users of the technology we have by incorporating it into projects that tie into the grade level curriculum.

Kindergarten – We’re still navigating around web sites, learning how to click in the right places, and learning how to get back to where we started.  I especially enjoy one little gigglebox in one of my classes who is so full of joy to hear her name called to go to her computer that she literally dances to her spot giggling and singing,  “That’s my name!  That’s my name!”  She makes my day every time.  If you’d like to see the sites we use visit my school’s web site where I am continually adding new things.  The Kindergarten page is HERE. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the links I have.