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Sand Art


Remember pouring colored sand into jars?  Then getting it home and all the pretty layers you’d made were now all jumbled or heaven forbid the container opened and the sand was all over the floor?  This site allows the fun and layers of color without the mess.  I learned about this sand site about a year ago and wish I could give credit to someone but…

It is a big hit with the kids.  I used it at the beginning of the year to give the new kindergarten kids experience on the Smartboards.  But I’ve found that all grade levels like it, just for something different.  It’s one of those calming sites that I’ll also go to as a stress reliever just to hear the sand and see the colors.

It’s easy to think there’s nothing on the site when you first get there because nopthing happens until you click the mouse.  To get colors press the “c” key.  when you’re on the color page draw your mouse across and you’ll get a changing color flow.  “E” gives you the choice to erase and start over.  A good beginning program for kindergarten and fun for everyone.