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Insects in 2nd Grade


I like to try to coordinate what I do in the computer lab with the kids with what is going on in the classroom.  That helps the classroom teachers see a way that they can integrate technology after my job is gone.  That is my real goal.  Second grade is starting with the creepy crawlies again and I have to say that (as a 2nd grade teacher last year) I am not really missing the little critters. But I can still do a lot to tie in technology in a fun and productive way for the kids.  We’ll be using Kidspiration 3 to make a web of the things they know about insects.  This will be on going and they’ll add to this web and resave each class time.  We’ll be using Tux Paint to draw an insect and label the body parts.  We’ll then take the picture into Comic Life and make a one page final project.  Voila! I’ve integrated technology with the arts and science theme of our magnet school. And it ties into what’s being done in the classroom and could be a good evaluation piece for the classroom teachers.  I’ve also found quite a group of safe web sites for the 2nd graders to use and have them on the school’s web site for easy access.  I’ll even link to the page for you here . Scroll down when you get there.