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Oxford Owl


oxfordowlOxford Owl is a great site for beginning readers!   There are a lot of ebooks that are at an emergent reader level with lots of predictable and repeated text so perfect for the Kindergarten or 1st grade student.  They can listen to the story read aloud or turn the speaking off and read it themselves. A  plus is that there are activities to use at the end of the stories to check comprehension.  Take a look and see what you think! (and enjoy the English accents of the readers)

Read, Give, and Share with We Give Books!


I  found a free resource and never put it on this blog. The text following was actually from their site as they want you to copy and paste to your own blogs.  I did use this site when I was still teaching.  It’s a great resource for online books and donates books to worthy causes also!  I loved having sources for good online books that I could have up on the Smartboard where all the kids could see.

We Give Books is a free online library of children’s books that enables your kids to help other children around the world while they’re reading. The best part is, your reading will directly impact the great work of non-profit organizations around the world! Their tagline says it all, “combining the joy of reading with the power of giving.” It’s the perfect tool for parents, teachers, caregivers, and anyone who loves children’s books!

When you go to www.wegivebooks.org, you’ll be able to read a special selection of books without a We Give Books account, but you have to sign up to access their full library. It’s definitely worth it, though. It’s just a quick form, and once you’re signed up, you’ll have access to over 150 quality children’s books! There are a lot of familiar classic titles, and even more new ones for us to discover. You can sort the books by age level, genre, author, and seasonal selections in the “Featured” section, so everyone can find something they like.

On the Causes page you can learn more about where your donated books are going. This fall, We Give Books is focusing on early childhood literacy across the United States and supporting great causes like Jumpstart for young children. In the winter, you’ll be able to read to support global literacy and give books to non-profits like Room to Read. They also give you the option to donate to help your book donations reach even more children.

We Give Books is a program of the Pearson Foundation and Penguin Group. Penguin works with its authors to provide an outstanding selection of online books while the Pearson Foundation donates print books to charity partners. We Give Books is a great way to get your children excited about reading and to teach them about the importance of helping others.

At the End of the Day


Little by little I’m getting used to being back in a classroom after 3 years of teaching my tech classes to K-5.  But it’s taking a bit longer to get used to a classroom of 1st graders.  I had forgotten how busy they can be for a whole day since it’s been about 12 years or so since I was at this grade.  I’ve found that putting a story up on the SmartBoard at the end of the day lets us have a very relaxing last 10 minutes.  I’m able to remind individual kids of things they forgot to do to get ready to go home, I can pick up the bits and pieces that have been left around and the kids walk out with me in a much calmer state. One site I like to use is this KOL site, in particular the Arthur stories.  1st graders love these stories and they sit enthralled as the story unfolds showing the actual illustrations of the book and highlighting the text as it’s read aloud. There are other story categories listed on the left side of the web site but Arthur is the favorite.

Leading to Reading


Leading to Reading is a site by RIF that is another source for online read alouds.  They have it grouped into a section called Babies and Toddlers and one for Preschoolers but the books are entirely appropriate for K and 1 with some perhaps for 2nd grade – specifically The Snowy Day. You can find the 2 sections HERE and HERE. If you are interested in even more read aloud sites I have more links on my school web site HERE.

Signed Stories


A couple of years ago when I went searching for sites that would “read aloud” to kids I couldn’t find many.  I was always on the look out because there will always be those students thatjust can not read on their own for extended periods of time.  Either they don’t have the skills yet or their activity level doesn’t allow it.  I would like to plop a student like this at the computer and let them listen to a story and enjoy reading in another way.

This past fall I was very surprised to find many more web sites that had good stories.  One of them is Signed Stories.  What makes this site unique is that the stories are done in sign language as well as being read aloud allowing hearing and non-hearing students the enjoyment of a good book.